Where Upcoming Musicians Can Perform

The search for a place to perform is one of the biggest struggles for musicians in Canada and other parts of the world. No matter how talented you are as a musician, if you do not have a place to showcase your skills, you may end up never being discovered. Some of the events where musicians can perform are as follows.


The trend these days is for weddings to have a live event or a carefully selected playlist. If you want to get noticed as a musician or band, you should consider performing at wedding events. For you to be chosen as a musician performing at a wedding, you must have a list of songs that would appeal to the event. You must also learn how to stage a performance that will entertain a crowd.


If you are in Canada, there are many events and festivals that are always held at different times of the year. The Osheaga Festival, the Wavelength Winter Festival and the Shambhala Music Festival are among the events that musicians can attend if they are looking for a place to perform. To get a slot in upcoming events, the musicians should ensure that they have booked early enough so that they are accepted.

Hosting Shows

Upcoming musicians do not have to wait for invitations to perform. You can decide to host a show and let people who are coming to watch, pay an attendance fee. You can either do it alone or team up with other musicians to host a show. It works better if the show is addressing a particular theme or is in line with an upcoming event.

Corporate Events

There are many corporate events, such as conferences, where the organisers are always looking for musicians to entertain guests. Artists should be on the lookout for such events and reach out to the organisers to check if they can be given a slot to perform.