What Every Musician Must Have in Their Website

One of the biggest struggles that musicians in Canada and other parts of the world face is trying to gain popularity and make some money from their art. Having a website is one of the ways that musicians can amass a huge audience. There are many things that should be incorporated in a musician’s website. They include:

Portfolio/Samples of Work

If you are a musician, you should make sure that your website has a portfolio that showcases your work. When people are visiting websites that musicians have set up, the first thing they are likely to check is the kind of music that are played. They want to sample out the genre and style so that they have an idea of whether the music is in line with what they are looking for. When setting up a portfolio for their site, they should choose some of their best works so that people are motivated to listen to their music and possibly buy or hire them.

Contact Details

It goes without saying that having contact details on your website makes it easier for people who want to reach out to you to find you. If you are a musician, you should provide your contact details, including your physical address so that you are easily found when people want to hire you for events. You should also have links to your social media channels. Having contact details makes you trustworthy and gives an impression of professionalism.

About Us Page

People appreciate when a website has personality. They want to know you beyond the work that you do. That is why it helps to have a comprehensive About Us page where the musician talks deeply about who they are, their passion for music, what motivates them, and what they are expecting from the people who are interacting with their site.