The Kasey Ferguson Show



"Kasey asks really awesome questions and does his research which is really refreshing"

—- Dani Engum , Lead Vocalist of Cold Kingdom

"How does he know this stuff? I'm always amazed when someone does their research and brings up things that even I don't remember"

—Lee Aaron, Multi Platinum Recording Artist , ten time Juno Award Nominee and three time winner of Best Female Vocalist at the Toronto Music Awards

"Kasey is a great interviewer"

—- Jeff Pearce , Original Bassist of the Juno Award Winning band, Moist

"Kasey was an absolute delight"

—- Alannah Myles, Grammy and Juno Award Winning singer best known for the hit songs "Black Velvet", "Still Got This Thing For You", "Love Is", "Song Instead Of A Kiss" and "Lover Of Mine"

"This is a great show. Great production. Well done."

—Darrell "Dwarf" Millar, drummer of Killer Dwarfs who have performed and toured with the likes of Iron Maiden , Skid Row , Pantera , The Joe Perry Project and Nazereth among others.

“It’s nice to get someone like Kasey. He asks good questions. It was a great interview.”

—- Adam Hicks, Guitarist of 604 Records Recording Artists, One Bad Son.

“Kasey is quite knowledgeable”

—- Tom Keifer , Vocalist/guitarist of multi – platinum recording artists Cinderella and Merovee Records Recording Artist

"It was a pleasure"

—- Jay Gordon , Lead Vocalist and founding member of Orgy , best known for the hit song "Blue Monday" from the album Candyass which sold over 2 million copies.

"I have seen this show go across my news feed before I finally clicked on it to check it out. I can honestly say I won't miss another one. Well produced, great interviews and awesome tunes."

—-Joe Matthews, President and CEO of Awesomeness at

"I really enjoyed our interview and bluesin' it up with Kasey. Next time I'll have to bring my A game if I want to play in his league!"

—-Neil Affleck, Animation Director of The Simpsons and Family Guy, Star of the Canadian horror classic , My Bloody Valentine

"I enjoyed it"

—- Reb Beach, Guitarist of multi platinum selling bands Whitesnake and Winger and former member of Alice Cooper, Dokken

"Kasey Ferguson is a quality dude, someone whose work I respect and admire tremendously. You'll be hard-pressed to find a harder working or most honest guy around. He tells it like it is, often perfectly, and The Kasey Ferguson Show is one of the best”

—- Jan Murphy, Co-Creator at, News Editor at Sun Media Corporation and News/Features editor and columnist at Kingston Whig-Standard

"I enjoyed our conversation. The time just flew by"

—- Dan "The Beast" Severn, UFC Legend and Hall Of Famer

"The best interviewer I've ever met"

—- Eric Tremblay , President of Island Radio 92.1 FM

"Kasey was great. He made me feel very comfortable"

—-Tony Moran , Actor best known for playing Michael Myers in the 1978 John Carpenter film, Halloween

“Kasey does a better job than our so called Kingston pro’s. He deserves more recognition for what he does for the Kingston community. Kasey has one of the most original concepts for a show on the net and does for it by chutzpah! I like that a lot. A person who just goes for it despite the odds. Bravo!

—- Brent Holland, Award winning film and TV composer, host of Night Fright. Brent has interviewed Prime Minister Paul Martin, Dr. David Suzuki and numerous Nobel Peace and Pulitzer Prize winners.

“I would like to personally thank Kasey Ferguson for his honest approach to radio and not being held back from speaking his mind and not being controlled by advertising in choosing his entertainment content.”

—- Dave Wreggit, Organizer of The Kingston Jam Festival,401 Concert Series


—- G Tom Mac, Songwriter and performer best known for penning "Cry Little Sister" the theme song to the hit film The Lost Boys as well as writing songs for KISS,Robert Plant, Carly Simon and Terry Reid. He also served as producer and musical director for "Rocks In The Head" an album from The Who's Roger Daltrey and has had his songs featured in numerous films and TV shows including Fast Times At Ridgemont High,Chasing Amy,The Shield,The X Files and Dawson's Creek.

“The Kasey Ferguson Show just gets better. Kasey Ferguson is a Kingston fixture - songwriter, musician, entrepreneur, impresario (concert presenter and supporter of other artists), social activist, and of course broadcaster - but his interests extend far beyond Kingston's city limits. Stop by and give an episode a listen. You won't regret it.”

—- Bob Mackenzie, Award winning author and poet behind the books Ghost Shadow : Unfinished Sins and To Whom It May Concern





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90's Alternative MOIST is fronted by former KCVI student David Usher. Moist has produced three platinum albums since being formed in 1992.

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