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Kudos to John from Centre Stage Music for an amazing job. Made my #1 stage guitar feel better then new!! I don't think Fender does as nice of fret work!!

—Chris Millegan


I’ve been in the business along time…almost 40 years now…where does the time go?! Due to space restrictions with the Centre Stage Music relocation, I am now working out of my home shop, doing the same guitar setups, repairs, consultations, and pedal mods as I’ve always done. I also have some space open for guitar lessons as well. You can drop guitars off at the Centre Stage Music location 33 King st. Gananoque or at my home shop in Kingston. Just email or message me for the same great service you have always received. 

John is an active performer in various bands in the Kingston area, and has provided tech services for working and touring musicians, and is a mentor for the Guitar Building Program at KCVI School. It’s from this real world experience and experimental knowledge that John draws from to focus on prompt, excellent, and affordable service for all guitarists, from beginner to pro.

From simple string changes and basic setups, to advanced setups, repairs and hot rod mods, John can provide you with the information to discover what you need-or don’t need to maximize your guitar’s playing potential.

What The Heck Is A Setup Anyway?

A setup is a series of adjustments made to a guitar to maximize it’s playing potential. It could be anything from a simple cleaning and string change, to more involved things like nut and bridge adjustments, playing action, and fret leveling.

When Do You Need A Setup?

If your guitar is a beginner to intermediate import, then you definitely need a setup…the less expensive the guitar is, the more finish work that is needed to make it playable. A typical import guitar is made in mere hours, while a Canadian made guitar takes about six weeks. As well, used guitars, and heavily played guitars can usually benefit from a setup…or anytime the guitar is bothering you.

I setup all of the guitars I sell, and offer a free setup within one year of purchase, excluding strings. All of our guitar lines have a manufacturer’s warranty. I service all styles and brands of guitars.


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The Inbreds were a Canadian alternative rock band formed in 1992. Originally from Kingston, Ontario, the band relocated to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1996.

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