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“I originally purchased the 4 lesson package to start and have been a regular student ever since. Each and every week I get pushed just outside of my comfort zone enough to notice steady improvements. I have worked on rudiments, beats, technique and theory with Simon. Each and every time he has found a way to get through to me and help me understand the material. He’s an invaluable music resource!”





I have taught acoustic drums, electronic percussion, hosted workshops, given lectures, and toured extensively. I can teach congas, bongos, djembes, talking drum, tablas, and pretty much any percussion device that you want to learn how to manipulate. We could work on loops, or electronic live percussion. I can also teach you how to use your handsonic or other electronic tools that are gathering dust. World rhythms, body symmetry, focus, breathing, ninja like dexterity, precision, conjuring from the musical ether, or reading sheet music. Country, Jazz, Rock, Metal, Funk, Soul, Motown, Latin, Pop, House, Jungle, Dance, World Beat, improvisation, and anything else you can imagine. There are many directions for us to travel depending on where you want to go. Can train the ear, show you how to record properly with mics, how to master your drums, how to tune drums, repair drums, you name it. I am a veteran, and actively engaged in all forms of music from start to finish. Any of my students who have entered a competition or marked adjudication have never received less than a 91%. I have spent my life performing, and learning, and exploring and living the life of a professional drummer. It’s not just one area of expertise I have to offer. A very well rounded drummer isn’t cultivated by one teacher alone, but I sure can help! We have two drum sets in the lesson area, facing each other, so you can monkey see monkey do easily. Drumsets change often. I have many of them. This is to keep your brain adept at the ever changing environment we live in. Change is inevitable. If you want to try some new things, and put a little extra spice or flavour in your playing, now is the time. I only have selected openings as I am very busy, but I’ve had some time open up recently, and am now offering 4 hours per week to new students. Students will be taken on first come first serve basis. I have worked with adults, kids, seniors, people with disabilities like autism, and other developmental disorders. I can reach absolutely any kind of learner with a custom tailored program designed to actively engage a student, and keep them interestd in learning not just the drums, but being open to change and keeping a solid rhythm throughout their journey!


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NAME  |  Simon Handley

ADDRESS  |  132 Colborne Street, Kingston, ON K7K 1E2

PHONE  |  613-876-3613


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Wednesday: 5pm - 9pm Saturday: 12pm - 6pm




Sydenham resident Dan Aykroyd hosts a nationally syndicated radio show called"Elwood's Blues Mobile" as his famous character Elwood Blues from The Blues Brothers. This program showcases blues and blues based music from the past to the present.

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