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Bass Guitar, Cello, Drums & Percussion, Guitar, Harmonica, Piano, Songwriting/Theory, Ukulele, Violin/Viola, Vocal


What can I say..... besides Ryan is my absolute favourite local talent!! So beautifully gifted in his abilities as a musician and talented singer.....Never tire of hearing him!!

I know Ryan to be a very committed teacher to his students, cares about helping in his community, and thrives on knowing that he is using his talent to see someone else realize their potential. Anyone would be blessed to sit under his instruction and guidance in seeking out their musical abilities!


Elevation Music Studio is professional yet a calming atmosphere. We had a wonderful experience with both Nick and Ryan and I would suggest this studio to family and friends.


I’m currently working on my first album at Elevations studios and my experience with Ryan has been amazing since day one! He does a great job of taking your ideas and transforming them into a final product. Ryan makes the recording experience a ton of fun and really takes pride in each and every one of his students and clients. Definitely recommend Elevation to all!!!




“The heart behind Elevation Music Studio (EMS) is simply to bring together a few passionate individuals, creating a subsequent culture where music, and the art of music, is our common thread. I have always dreamt of being a part of, or creating, a movement where the artist is submissive to the art; being completely attuned, comprehensive and equally overwhelmed by it – and in the interim, displaying honesty, humility and integrity. Time and time again, I have seen this nurturing process change individual perspective, and social dichotomy.

There is nothing text-book, as it pertains to creating art; we are free to expound upon an emotion by which we are afflicted, and allow it’s manifestation to be free; not to fit into the mold of what already exists – and do so absent thought and free from contempt.

The definition of art, according to the Oxford Dictionary is: ‘“Works produced by human creative skill and imagination.”’ It is so liberating to freely express the emotion of the heart through exercising one’s imagination and creativity, in a safe space, where there is an allowance for vulnerability, and absent judgment.

This is the heart & mandate of EMS.

I would love to chat with you about your art, passion and creative vision sometime soon!”
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Elevation Music Studio (EMS) was conceived by Ryan Lewis – EST 2013; EMS is a Kingston based recording studio that functions as a music school, artist development and artist management company; it was created, specifically to expose creative individuals to the world and business of the music industry, and prepare them to take on a more professional role. The EMS culture is built on a non-negotiable value system of trust, honesty, transparency & fun. Your satisfaction is our number one objective.

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Sydenham resident Dan Aykroyd hosts a nationally syndicated radio show called"Elwood's Blues Mobile" as his famous character Elwood Blues from The Blues Brothers. This program showcases blues and blues based music from the past to the present.

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