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Every band likes promotion right? We all want everyone to know about what we are doing in our bands or with our music. We promote ourselves on our facebook accounts and rely on our friends and family to fill rooms so we can all get the next gig. The problem is the general public that loves music likely hasn’t heard of your band and they have no easy way of finding out what kind of music you play. Let’s give them the information they need so they can learn about your band, listen to your music, find out the bands you cover, watch some video etc. Give people a chance to discover you and just come check you out because they liked what they heard on your page, or they really like the bands that you cover. Why wait until you have built a big name for yourself to let people know about you? Chances are pretty good that the market of music lovers is way bigger than the list of friends and family you are targeting now. It’s time to tap that market and grow your fan base!!! Create your FREE profile today!! JOIN NOW

Music Lovers

We have all planned on going to a show that we know is coming to town and completely had it slip our mind. We get busy, life gets busy and the next thing you know you see pictures on people’s facebook from that great show you missed. GRRR. When you have a FREE account on MusicFly you can find the great events going on and save them to your calendar. Email notifications will be sent to you to remind you so that missing events will soon be a thing of the past! JOIN NOW


With so many Venues in the area offering live music it’s quite likely that many music lovers haven’t been to your venue yet or at least not recently. This listing page is your opportunity to let people know where you are located, the things you specialize in like a list of your great craft beers or your great stage, etc. Showcase your menu in the “BitesB4Bands” section so people will be prompted to come eat before checking out your live music, tell everyone what makes your venue special. You will be able to list all of your events on your page. These events will display in the main calendar as well as on your venue page. It’s time we stop asking music lovers to search for live music one page at a time and give them the information and event details they need in one easy location. You continue booking the great acts you already do but now the information will get exposed to a greater audience. It’s time to fill your venue and grow the music scene!!! JOIN NOW

Stores/ Services

We have people coming to our site each and every week to see the Live Event Listings that either are music lovers or they play in bands. This is your target audience. Let everyone know the great products you carry or the services you offer. People will see your “Deal of the Week” and check back every week with a click of a button. Your location map, hours of operation, testimonials, pictures bio etc. will all get those customers in your door. It’s time to take some of that phone book listing budget and put it towards your actual target audience. Get Listed on MusicFly!! JOIN NOW

Music Lessons

The traffic coming to our site each and every week are music lovers and musicians. What better place is there to reel in some new students? Musicians might be looking for a teacher to help them improve or get over a hurdle. Music lovers might finally be ready to take the plunge and pick up an instrument but they have no idea where to start. Another group of people is music loving parents that are on the site checking out live music events and discover that they can learn about some great teachers in the area by simply clicking on the “Music Lessons” button. Any of these scenarios will bring people to your page where you can showcase your teaching style, list your rates, show some video, list your great testimonials from your students, post photos, show your location, etc. It’s time to be discovered and grow your business! Get Listed on MusicFly!! JOIN NOW


Napanee's Avril Lavigne got her start performing by singing country songs at local fairs. In 1999 she got to perform the song "What Made You Say That"with Shania Twain at the Corel Centre in Ottawa to about 20,000 people.

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