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Street52 is new up and coming jazz project from Kingston, Ontario, that will grab your attention from the first note to the last bow of the night. This group of four has set out on a journey to explore the inner and outer spaces of jazz, bringing the music of the last century alive with new combinations of sound, rhythm and form.

In typical jazz fashion, Street52 was conceived at a jam session, in January of 2013 at the Mansion in Kingston.

Months earlier Alex Tikhnenko and Andre Petitpas, Street52’s bassist and orignal vocalist, had developed the idea for a new type of jazz band: minimalistice instrumentation, featuring vocals, bass, drums and flute. Since then they had been on the look out for like minded players. Their idea, a hard driving, jammin’ jazz band influenced by all the great popular music they heard growing up, Rock, Reggae, R&B and Soul.

Each player needed to be unique, they needed to have their own sound. Alex and Andre heard those qualities in Glenn Tooth’s flute work that night at the jam session and invited him into the project.

Street52 now features the velvet vocals of Kingston native, Selina Chiarelli who has recently taken over the microphone from longtime Street52 vocalist and founding member, the golden voiced Kingston native, Andre Petipas.

Selina is an elusive artist whose whereabouts and musical tendancies fluctuate with the seasons, the wind, and her whimsy. She was raised in parallel worlds where she could explore extremes. She studied classical voice, thriving in her heady soprano by day, yet strove to sing out the dankest, darkest corners of the blues by night. Selina has only recently started to song with the band and is already turning heads with her talent and charm on the bandstand.

Next we have Alex Tikhnenko, Street52’s bassist. Originally from the Ukraine, Alex brings a very unique style to Street52. As the only harmonic instrument in the band, Alex plays an enormous role in creating the feel and driving energy of the bands sound. Alex played extensively in the Ukraine, through-out Russia, Montreal and Toronto before moving to Kingston.

Glenn Tooth, flute player for Street52, originally from Winnipeg, brings a talent for melodic and rhythmic improvisation to the band. Glenn played in Toronto during the late 70’s and early 80’s. Performing on saxophone at the time. Tooth played in several bands in that era and was involved with rock, reggae and jazz projects.

On drums Street52 has the awesome Andy Love. Long time Kingston drum star, Andy provides the beat and the groove that makes Street52 the dynamo of energy that it is. Control, energy, chops and touch, Andy is a one of a kind drum star who needs to be heard to be appreciated.

Street52 is based out of Kingston, Ontario and performs in the Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa corridor.

Bands We Cover

Hoagie Carmichael, Duke Ellingston, Frank Sinatra, Jobim, Bonfa, Chet Baker,


Selina Chiarelli  |  Vocals

Alex Tikhnenko  |  Bass

Andy Love  |  Drums

Glenn Tooth  |  Flute

Shmil "Sam" Bernicker  |  Tenor Sax



NAME  |  Street52





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