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RICHARD CRANIUM is Kingston’s Premier Rock & Roll cover band and their name is written all over the place. Playing some of the largest local venues and heralding the true beginning of a new era in Classic Rock & Roll. RICHARD CRANIUM is always supporting great local events such as THE KOMC at the Ambassador Hotel, the ROCK FOR DIMES, and rocking the Motley Crue classic tune “Home Sweet Home” for Homegrown Live Music festival! 

There was no denying the musical shifts that were happening all around the world. Returning to the classic playing style of Binky on Bass and backing vox, Kent Taggart on Drums, Kevin Beavis on Lead Guitar and backing vox, and  Ken Hemlow doing the vocals and everything Wild & Crazy. This lineup  giving us the closest thing we’d have to a Beatles reunion.

What our fans have to say!

“The calendar dictates that decades end on certain days, but the “Best Rock Band” tells us something different. Clearly, this is the moment when the 70’s classics, 80’s and 90’s weren’t officially over but Brought Back to Life Again!” A review of the band by Carrie Bisonette. Carrie has become a big fan of the band!

“Longtime Native of Kingston and the surrounding area, RICHARD CRANIUM Rocks The House Every Time!”

“Rock it in the rain like this band did ! Most Rocking Party !!!”  by ROSIE’S RODEO N’ ROAST

“Always rocking new material and playing established classic rock artists like Def Leppard, Scorpions, Motley Crue classic’s like “Home Sweet Home” and Poison’s “Nothin But a Good Time”. This Band Rocks !”

“Something new is just over the horizon. Anyone who questions it need only put an ear to RICHARD CRANIUM Top offering from this year, which continued their move toward the top with amazing new sounds. Click the above gallery to give your two cents worth and support local music and real talent with Amazing Showman Ship ! Ya I guess you could say I’m A Fan!”

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Bands We Cover

This is a small taste of what you can expect from RICHARD CRANIUM

ACDC--Dirty Deeds, Live wire, Sin city, T.N.T
Aerosmith--Same old song and dance
April wine--Could've been a lady
Billy Idol--Rebel yell, White wedding
Bob dylan--Knocking on heaven's door
Buckcherry--Lit up
Chris Isaak--Wicked game
Collective soul--Gel
Def Leppard--Hysteria
Doucette--Mama let him play
Dwight yoakam--Fast as you
Greg kihn band--The breakup song
Guns and roses--It's so easy, Sweet o mine
Honeymoon suite--Burning in love
Kiss--Love gun, Strutter
Motley Crue--Home sweet home
Platinum blonde--It doesn't really matter
Poison--Nothin but a good time, Talk dirty to me
Stone temple pilots--Crackerman
The Cult--Lil devil, Rain, Wildflower
The Kinks--Girl you really got me
Tragically hip--Blow at high dough, Highway girl, New Orleans is sinking
Twisted Sister-we're not gonna take it
Van Halen--Aint talkin bout love, Panama

Plus much much more


Ken Hemlow  |  Vocals

Kevin Beavis  |  Guitar. Backing Vocals

Binky  |  Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Kent Taggart  |  Drums






“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”