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From band name changes, to member adjustments, to style transformations, Charm the Animal has been evolving for almost a decade. So how could they have been around this long and you haven’t heard of them? Answer: Strategy (mostly). Making very few appearances, the group wanted to be completely confident with themselves before fully committing to going 100% public. Now they have no excuse. They are finally content and ready to show the world why.

1. Determination 
From the beginning the guys have tested the waters with around 25 different musicians to try to find their permanent members. To this day, three out of the four current members, Lee, Joshua and Jay have been the longest lasting members in the existing group. The bass guitarist, Stephen who joined in March of 2013 has already been with the band longer than most of the others. Congratulations Stephen… Point is, this is a group of survivors who have lasted this long because of the great determination, common goal and respect that the members have for each other.
2. Skill Set
Josh Fournier, the lead guitarist/ rhythm guitarist/ prodigy of the group, is nothing short of… well, a prodigy. One of the founding members of the group, Josh has no problem holding his own. His guitar solos tastefully not only show his skill level but also have meaning and character. His hooks have regularly given listeners the butterflies. All in a day’s work.
Thinking he’s the leader of the group, vocalist and co-founding member Lee Jarus wanted to have his profile after Josh because he didn’t want it to seem so obvious. All jokes aside, without Lee, the band would probably not exist. Although Lee struggles pitching his ideas to the guys, many of the songs you’ll hear were born inside Lee’s head (then raised in the garage). Apart from his unique mind, Lee’s unique vocal style helps a song’s message be felt internally and……..externally?!
The long-time missing piece of the puzzle, Stephen Hawryszko joined Charm the Animal during a desperate time for the group. After the band’s constant struggles finding a bassist that really meshed musically with them, Stephen comes in and kisses their worries away. Having a style that compliments the group’s sound and a talent for making sense out of the chaos that comes from Josh, he is greatly appreciated by his fellow members. Stephen Hawryszko is the bassist for Charm the Animal. Sounds nice doesn’t it?
The Drummer and electrician of the band, Jay Connors may be the shortest among them but he makes up for it in the sound that he projects on stage. This heart of the group never skips a beat (unless he wants to) and his unique backing vocals ensure that he is no one-trick pony. Not satisfied with just keeping time, Jay’s technique changes with the songs to ensure the audience receives constant epics rather than cookie-cutter experiences.
3. Sound/ Genre
The heavy, rhythmic and simultaneously smooth sound that Charm the Animal has carefully constructed is hard to find nowadays yet can be appreciated by almost anyone. Although Charm the Animal keeps arguing amongst themselves about what genre they fit in, they all acknowledge the hint of Middle-Eastern spice they have added to the brew.
In conclusion, Charm the Animal is an experience you shouldn’t pass up. Check out their tunes if you haven’t already.
Enjoy and good luck… or, just enjoy.


Lee Jarus  |  Lead Vocals

Josh Fournier  |  Guitar

Stephen Hawryszko  |  Bass, back-up vocals

Jay Connors  |  Drums, back-up vocals


NAME  |  Charm the Animal


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