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MusicFly is the most comprehensive live event listing and directory site available. We cater not only to musicians but music lovers alike. We attract local people to our page as well as people visiting our area in search of what’s going on for live entertainment. It’s all the little things that MusicFly has thought of that will keep people coming back to the site each and every week. Custom event calendars, share buttons and the ease to promote yourself if you are in the directory are to name only a few. Please explore our site. Centered around live event listings the website also showcases Festivals, Venues, Stores and Services, Music Teachers and of course our amazing local ARTISTS!!! Our target audience reaches the 19-60 age market because let’s face it……who doesn’t love music? With our SEO and social media networking tools we are sure to drive traffic to our site and ultimately to your business. Support your local live music community and let the music community support you in return! Choose MusicFly!!!

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Ads are listed all throughout the website from top and bottom banner ads to different sized sidebar ads. There are sponsorship ad spaces available as well. Please contact us for current pricing and availability. Email us with your contact information and we will be sure to contact you within (1) business day. Contact us here

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You are ready to advertise and promote your business but you don’t have an ad design? No problem, let us design the ad for you. Please send us a brief description of your business and include your contact information and we will contact you to further discuss designing the right ad for you! Contact us here

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Joe's M.I.L.L. is a Kingston musical instrument lending library(M.I.L.L.) with over 750 instruments to sign out. The library was created in memoriam to an outstanding local bass player named Joe Chithalen.

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