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13 Sep 2020

How iGaming Can Make You a Better Musician

Did you know that playing online games can make you a better musician? Yes, you read that right. If you have been looking for ways to improve your music skills, you should consider iGaming. There are many
7 Sep 2020

Guide to Choosing Musicians to Give a Live Performance at an Event

If you are hosting a special occasion, you should consider working with musicians who can give a live performance. There are many benefits to having live music at your event, including the fact that you can actually
7 Sep 2020

Health Benefits of Listening to Music

Music has often been referred to as the food of the soul. There are other health benefits that come with listening to music that you probably did not know. As long as you have identified the kind
7 Sep 2020

Benefits of Attending Live Music Performances

Nothing can ever replace the beauty that comes with watching your favourite musician staging a live performance. While the internet is a good invention and has made work easier for people, it has also killed the desire
7 Sep 2020

Where Upcoming Musicians Can Perform

The search for a place to perform is one of the biggest struggles for musicians in Canada and other parts of the world. No matter how talented you are as a musician, if you do not have
7 Sep 2020

Popular Music Festivals in Canada

If you are in Canada, you will never miss out on music events that you can attend throughout the year. There are annual and seasonal events that attract many music lovers, both in Canada and beyond. Some
7 Sep 2020

What Every Musician Must Have in Their Website

One of the biggest struggles that musicians in Canada and other parts of the world face is trying to gain popularity and make some money from their art. Having a website is one of the ways that
7 Sep 2020

All About Musicfly and Loving Music

Music is a universal language. It stirs the soul and makes even the most miserable people experience a tinge of excitement. It is among the oldest form of art, and it has been developing over the years.