Sat 23 Sep

Green Day tribute The Dookies

Voodoo Rockfest

The Dookies are not what they sound like, I mean for those who do not love the best pop punk from the 1990’s, but most people do understand the reference. The Dookies are a flawless Green Day cover band who just happen to have Daren Pfeifer from Goldfinger on drums. First of all, his playing was some of the best I have ever seen in a bar with a cap of 100 people, like Cherry Cola’s. Pfeifer’s drumming was unbelievably fast, tons of fun to watch and robotically on point.

Guitarist and vocalist Mikey Hawdon imitates Billie Joe in almost every way, that is, the one thing he is missing is that he does not look like a 43 year old Emo kid, just kidding, I love Billie. Hawdon’s energy was overwhelming. Their bassist was spot on and did a perfect rendition of ‘Longview’. The night was filled with memories, smiles and head banging. Obviously these guys are a cover band so they are not breaking any new ground, but they do put on a mind blowing live show.

The power trio played the album Dookie, for which they are named, in its entirety for their set (although they did not play the weird secret song about masturbation, which I was fine with). Dookie is actually a special album to a lot of people who were born in the 70’s and early 80’s. In fact it was the first album I ever bought, in grade 5, and ‘Basket Case’ was the first song I ever purposefully memorized. I cannot say I listen to them that much right now, but Green Day will always have a special place in my heart and now, so do The Dookies. I think if you want to pull a quote from here it is ‘… do The Dookies’, ha. What I am saying is, this was an amazing night for nostalgia. So if you ever get the chance and you just want to have the best time ever, this is pretty much a Green Day show.

Review by: Gideon Greenbaum-Shinder

START TIME  |  9:50 pm

ALL AGES  |  Yes


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