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Voodoo Rockfest - Friday


It started as a casual rock music project between two friends Jean “JF” Beaulieu and Marty Boutros in 2010, with JF writing the songs and developing them with Marty. After the usual local dues being paid in late night local Cornwall clubs with a rotating cast of band members, it was clear that they’d established a collection of songs that deserved attention. Coldrift was born when JF and Marty brought these songs to local producer and musician Marc Muir who agreed to turn the collection of loose rock ditties into a proper debut album. After two years of rehearsing, tracking, and mixing, Coldrift’s debut “The Smoke After Sex” was released to local acclaim in 2012. Somewhere along that timeline Marc became not only producer, but a permanent member of the band.

Three years of gigging followed, as well as the production of three music videos and much more local buzz. It also yielded a new, more mature and sophisticated batch of songs begging for a larger audience. In the late summer/fall of 2015, Coldrift put all gigs aside and set themselves to rehearsing, developing, and crafting these new tunes into what is now their second album, Into The Sun. It was during this evolutionary stage that Ben Mullin was introduced into the band as a session bassist. Ben was quickly recognized as a kindred spirit who fit the Coldrift mould, and is now a full fledged member of the gr

With elements and influences ranging from 60s Motown to 70s Classic Rock, 90s Grunge to sounds too unique to categorize, Into The Sun is a powerhouse of an album with loads to offer to everyone from the burgeoning high school bedroom guitarists to those nostalgic for rock’s 70s glory days. With JF’s exceptional vocals shifting from a gentle falsetto touch to an aggressive mid-range growl, Marty’s other-worldly sound-scaping guitar textures, Marc’s world-class lead guitar crafting, and Ben’s solid, melodic, and immensely groove-friendly bass playing, you’d have a hard time finding anything missing from this record

START TIME  |  5:50 pm

ALL AGES  |  Yes

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Zal Yanovsky, co- founder of the band "Lovin Spoonful" was much more than just a great singer and lead guitarist. With his wife Rose Richardson he later established "Chez Piggy" restaurant and "Pan Chancho Bakery" in Kingston. Check out these local hot spots.

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