Sat 23 Sep


Voodoo Rockfest

Cleopatrick is a room shaking heavy rock duo from the small town of Cobourg, Ontario.

Best friends since their first day of kindergarten, frontman Luke Gruntz and drummer Ian Fraser look as unassuming as any other pair of nineteen year old boys. On stage however; the two share a visible, and sonically notable connection, resulting in profoundly honest and dynamic performances that are not to be missed.

Using a bastardized bass amp and a split signal from his guitar, Luke Gruntz simultaneously commands the sonic range of both a bass player and a guitarist, creating the illusion of a band that is much larger than the two. 

With their intense style of grooving blues and explosive breakdowns, Cleopatrick stands out, poised for success, as one of the most unique acts southern Ontario has to offer. 

Cleopatrick is currently working on a new record, set to release in summer of 2017.

START TIME  |  2:50 pm

ALL AGES  |  Yes

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Sydenham resident Dan Aykroyd hosts a nationally syndicated radio show called"Elwood's Blues Mobile" as his famous character Elwood Blues from The Blues Brothers. This program showcases blues and blues based music from the past to the present.

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