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PSYCHO AT THE HORROR EXPO Travelodge Hotel Belleville  / 

2:00 pm




Who are we?

We are a long time original material hard rock thrash metal groove band, keepin it real for three decades with 7 recordings, many gigs and looking for more. Playing live is our soul desire, concert style, in your face, all out! we groove to our own music and throw in a cover or two. We pride our selves on taking you from feeling good when you arrive to feeling better when you leave! We can crush any size venue, open for any act or headline! If you like loud, fast and hard! and who doesn’t, you’ll love us! We hail from Belleville Ontario Canada. Originally from Windsor Ontario Canada

A Little History:

Psycho was formed in 1987 out of Windsor Ontario by founding member Hard Metal Mike Meilleur on guitar and vocals original drummer Dan LaRiviere and bassist Gerald Butler, this heavy hitting trio annihilated Ontario in the mid 80’s to the early 90’s and recorded the studio album ON THE LOOSE and the live off the floor record OUT FOR BLOOD {Polaris Recording Studio} Independent release. The next chapter of the band recorded EP’s BETTER LOUDER and PSYCHO II in 2008 and 2010 {Rockerie Records} Independent release, Mike Meilleur guitar/vocals/bass with studio musicians Scott Warren drums and Andy Langmuir on guitar/bass. In 2013 the smash hit single MY INTENTIONS WERE GOOD was recorded and released independently then became featured on FUELLED BY INTOXICATION {Rockerie Records} CDN Records release, Mike Meilleur on guitar/vocals Scott Warren on drums and Gerald Butler on bass. In 2013 Psycho released their greatest hit record FUELLED BY INTOXICATION 25 years of Psycho featuring 18 killer tracks from 1987-2012 {Rockerie Records/Polaris Studio} CDN Records release. In 2014 the band immediately turned out another single called GENERATION DEATH independently released then this thrash hit became featured on the their sixth recording PSYCHO SICKX {Borland Studio} Independent release, Mike Meilleur guitar/vocal/bass with Marcel Dube on drums. The Current band line up of Hard Metal Mike Meilleur guitar/vocals, Marcel Dube/drums, Adam Sopha/bass recorded the bands seventh installment FROM THE ASYLUM {Borland Studio} CDN Records release. Psycho will celebrate 30 years of power hard thrash metal in 2017 so be sure and catch them live! the band calls the South Central Region of Ontario Canada home, book PSYCHO for your club, bar, private party or a full on concert.


FUELLED BY INTOXICATION is a collection of their first four recordings ON THE LOOSE, OUT FOR BLOOD, BETTER LOUDER and PSYCHO II almost two and half decades in the making dating back to the 80’s driving through the 90’s and blasting into the new millennium. Twenty five years of PSYCHO released on CDN Records is a history lesson of the underground band with bone crushing, heavy grinding, power thrashing, hard hitting and teeth rattling riffs all mixed in a blender. PSYCHO stayed true to their no nonsense formula they were known for, loud! in your face and angry!

PSYCHO SICKX independent release is a teeth smashing, face melting, blood flowing thrash style EP guaranteed to hit you right between the eyes! loud, fast and hard! be sure to pick up a copy available on all your favorite digital download sites!

FROM THE ASYLUM is the long time Canadian hard thrashers best record to date they cranked out their seventh installment of chaotic insanity in this latest release on CDN Records called FROM THE ASYLUM this pure raw head banging recording is guaranteed to rattle your teeth and smash your senses. The moment you hit play you’re hooked into a world of hard groove metal madness that flows from one song to the next pounding the songs down your throat and into your veins. If you like killer thrash riffs! hard vocals! pounding drums! and smooth thundering bass you’ll love this record. Special guest solo on RUN FOR YOUR LIFE by guitar legend Glen Drover.

IN THE WORKS the single WASTE OF TIME has been released independently and will be part of the 30th anniversary EP for 2018 STILL DEAD featuring OUT FOR BLOOD, BUZZ KILL and STILL DEAD stay tuned in to the latest news at

GET SOME SKULL! at all your favorite digital download sites! iTunes Band Camp CD Baby and Google Play for direct links hit

2017 30 Years and Still Dead TOUR Set List:

Run for your Life 2. Destroy 3. Hammerhead 4. Attack and Kill 5. You’re Dead Anyways 6. Seek and Destroy {Metallica} 7. Spiritual Warfare 8. Electric Death 9. Go to Hell {Alice Cooper} 10. Waste of Time 11. My Intentions Were Good 12. Generation Death 13. Psycho Killer 14. No Class {Motorhead} 15. Annihilate 16. Out for Blood 17. Motorized  

Way way back:

It all started in 1982 back in high school when Mike and some fellow school mates got together as a garage band learning covers from bands like Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister, Manowar and Metallica. Mike’s first band was Blizzard 82′-83′ {Mike Meilleur, Jeff Oppen, Brett Lajoie, Duane Pickersgill} then Wicked Angel 83′-86′ {Mike Meilleur, Jeff Oppen, Rick Amy, Dave Pare, Duane Pickersgill, Chris Mayne} then Razorback 86′ {Mike Meilleur, Bob Charron, Rob Charron} then started Psycho 87′ {Mike Meilleur, Dan LaRiviere, Gerald Butler, Kyle Watters, Adam Sopha, Marcel Dube}


Mike Meilleur  |  Guitar/Vocals

Adam Sopha  |  Bass Guitar

Marcel Dube  |  Drums



"The Headstones" front man Hugh Dillon has played several acting roles over the years. Most notably in the movie HARD CORE LOGO and in the tv series Durham County and Flashpoint. You might recognize him better as Mike Sweeney in Durham County, or Sergeant Ed Lane in the police drama Flashpoint.

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