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My name is Leslie Fell and I absolutely LOVE to play the piano! This is my first year teaching but I am looking forward to getting to meet new people and learn different techniques for teaching. I play piano as a Royal Conservatory of Music student and I am currently working towards my grade 9 practical exam, in April. I play the keyboard at Trenton High School for the annual Muzikwerx concerts, held by the vocals class, for coffee houses and musicals held by the school, and also for events and assemblies within the school. I have preformed “professionally” for the school board at arts events and retirement receptions. I play a variety of music, from classical to popular songs. I am able to read sheet music and chord progressions, and I use this knowledge to apply it to my music studies and teaching. I have all three theory rudiments, plus basic harmony and history 1 under my belt at this time. I have been playing piano since a young age and I can’t wait to impact others and inspire them to play and create their own music.

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  Arden's Music School



The Tragically Hip started its own music festival, Another Roadside Attraction, in 1993. The first event was held in Winnipeg and featured the Hip, Midnight Oil, Crash Vegas, Hothouse Flowers and Daniel Lanois.

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